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Built for Builders and Contractors

Builders and contractors have unique needs when it comes to their business insurance. The HomeBuilders Self Insurers Fund understands this, which is in part why we were formed in the first place. Created in 1979, the fund began in response to the turmoil of the commercial insurance marketplace. Insurance carriers were exiting Louisiana, and builders and contractors were faced with rising insurance costs, poor service and mounting problems. The answer was the HomeBuilders Self Insurers Fund (HomeBuilders SIF) – a workers’ compensation program built specifically for the construction industry.

Built by Builders and Contractors

The program was built by a group of visionary builders with an eye towards longevity, affordability and financial stability. These three tenets remain as the foundation for the Fund today:
Longevity – While literally hundreds of insurance companies have come and gone over the past 30 years in Louisiana, this program has held firm to its original mission of always being available for the construction industry. Our participants know that since 1979, we are one of the very few programs that have consistently offered workers’ compensation coverage to businesses in Louisiana. We are long term.
Affordability – Workers’ comp rates may change over time, but contractors need to know they will not experience wild fluctuations in their overall insurance pricing from year to year. While the Fund has implemented modest rate increases over the years, we have also reduced overall rates on a number of occasions. Our goal is to offer consistently competitive rates to our fund participants, year in and year out. We are competitively priced.
Financial Stability – The Fund is responsible for collecting an adequate amount of premiums each and every fund year to pay for all incurred claims, excess insurance and administrative expenses. Any unused premiums are ultimately returned to those qualifying members who paid the premiums in the first place. Since 1994 alone, nearly $63 Million has been returned to fund participants. As a participant in this program, you are also an owner and benefit from the success of the program. We are financially sound.

Not Just for Builders Anymore

The original mission of the Fund may have been to serve homebuilders, but today our program helps so many more. Not only are residential and commercial builders enjoying the success of the program, but we also now provide workers’ comp to many trade contractors, suppliers and a host of related industry businesses.

Get The HomeBuilders SIF Advantage

The HomeBuilders SIF is a unique program designed for the construction industry. We offer convenient monthly payroll reporting, so you “pay as you go”, without hefty minimum premiums and deposits. Our loss control services are free to members to assist you in maintaining a safe workplace, which helps to keep premiums lower. We offer toll-free telephone claims reporting which saves you time.
Get the advantage you need to take your construction business to the next level.

Ask for Us by Name

Our program is sold exclusively through authorized independent insurance agents located across Louisiana. Contact your agent and ask for us by name or call us and we will refer you to an agent. Or you may also go to the "Get A Quote/Find An Agent" tab on this page.



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